The Healing Place
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About The Practitioner

Seeing a miraculous change in my mother's health after she received Healing Touch, I began the search to find Healing Touch training locally. My quest took me to Northern New Jersey, where I began the course work for this wonderful therapy. The final two intense levels of training were available in Connecticut, where I completed all the requirements and was certified in all five course levels. In 2009, I pursued and received the final prestigious certification, "Certified Healing Touch Practitioner", through Healing Touch International, Inc. I have since completed extra training programs; Healing Beyond Surgery, which is meant to encompass using Healing Touch to balance all aspects of pre and post surgery, and Healing Touch for Babies, which addresses the fragility of infants' energy centers.

In the past, I have volunteered at Morristown Memorial Hospital (Morristown, NJ) to provide Healing Touch to the staff during Nurses Appreciation Week. Healing Touch is recognized and welcomed as a healing modality and offered to patients at Morristown Memorial as well in hundreds of other hospitals and healthcare facilities across the country. I have been honored to do this work in the Lehigh Valley, for over a decade now. I've had the privilege of providing Healing Touch in the ICU, CCU and Emergency Rooms, at St. Luke's Hospital, and in the Burn Unit, Oncology wing, and Recovery Room at Lehigh Valley Hospital. I have also been graciously allowed to provide Healing Touch to those transitioning from this life, which helps ease their physical and emotional trauma. Healing Touch also assists those in Rehab facilities and Nursing Homes to have the best quality of physical and emotional comfort, healing and rest.

In addition to my office practice, I have been on the Advisory Board at Lincoln Technical School; substituted in the Saucon Valley School District; am a member of St. Theresa's Church, and volunteer in my community. I reside in Saucon Valley, with my husband and sons.

While learning this modality to aid my mother, I was urged by many to offer it to others here in the Lehigh Valley. So, while I am blessed to be a wife, mother, daughter and friend, I am also blessed to offer this work to you. Everyone benefits from Healing Touch. Whether you are new to this life, or transitioning to the next, Healing Touch can reduce pain, anxiety, and depression by balancing your entire energetic body. If you are feeling emotionally out of sorts, facing surgery, or a cancer diagnosis, The Healing Place allows you a safe place to address your emotional concerns and physical issues. It's confidential, is non-invasive, and it may be the only time in your busy life when it's all about YOU.

Linda Bettler, Certified Healing Touch Practitioner