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The Healing Place is not only a way to help ease my back pain, but often a reset button for me mentally and emotionally. While I'm there it's like the free space on the Monopoly board, I don't have to worry about phones ringing or daily demands. It's nice to have a place to go to recharge.

-Joanna, Walnutport, PA

It was approximately 3-4 months after the death of my sister that I was fortunate enough to receive Healing Touch from Linda. Up to this time I thought I was doing pretty well recovering and showing people I was "OK." Linda assessed me and felt I was "beside myself" and full of unsettled feelings and she was right. I received a treatment that was professional, caring, and profound in my healing. I will always be grateful to Linda for her insight and skill in her ability to give healing to others.

-Peggy, Long Valley, NJ

After a recent injury I turned to Healing Touch looking to enhance and speed my recovery. I found it to be a nurturing and calming experience. Putting aside all the hassles of the day, focusing on my mind/body connection left me feeling refreshed, centered, and soothed. Linda's care and concern for me shone through and I'm thankful for the experience.

-Michele, Bethlehem, PA

Linda was there when I needed someone to help me prepare for a surgery and then again after the surgery. She was able to relax me and focus my body's energy to all the right places. I could feel the warmth and strength of Healing Touch. My body had been through so much and she helped it prepare to go through more. After my surgery she helped to remove the effects of the anesthesia from my body. And again helped me feel at peace. I'd recommend Linda to anyone who is stressed or anxious, about to go into surgery or recouping from one, in pain, or just looking for some calming peace. I wouldn't trust anyone else aside from her.

-Donna, Hellertown

I did not regain consciousness after having open heart surgery. Appearing lifeless, my wife, a retired RN, had to make the decision to allow the Doctor to perform a tracheotomy. Before she allowed that, she called Linda to come to the ICU, to perform Healing Touch. Within an hour, I began to move my toes and squeeze her hand. I became totally conscious by the next morning! No tracheotomy! Just rehab! Linda saved my life. I am forever appreciative of her intervention and am a lifelong client!

-Alvin, Lehigh Valley, PA

I was skeptical trying Healing Touch for the first time, but I trusted Linda fully. After experiencing The Healing Place for the first time, I knew there was something to it. I left with a clear mind and an open heart. I was better able to deal with the stressors in my life, and Healing Touch quickly became a complementary therapy to my normal healthcare routines.

-Jonathan, Hellertown

I have been fortunate in receiving Healing Touch during the last three years. Linda is caring and professional. She has eased my pain after being in an accident, helped me to recover from illnesses, and provided me with a release of stress and anxiety. I am 80 now, and believe my health has been enhanced by receiving Healing Touch regularly.

-Edy, Hellertown

For the past two years I have been on a search for peace within. I have had expert counseling, read many helpful books, and always depended upon God to keep His promises. All of this was very helpful. Linda's Healing Touch added the final piece to my search. I saw her a couple of times and felt enormous relief. The second time I saw her, I came away with such peace and calm within me that I did not make another appointment for about two months. When I did make the appointment, it was out of want, not necessity. Not only has the Healing Touch modality helped me, but our conversations resound with me long after I leave Linda. She has also loaned me some of the books which have been so helpful to me. Thank you, Linda, for your Healing Touch.

-LW, Hellertown

Thank you! Thank you for giving me back "me". For giving me back my happy. For helping me let go of my past and the hurt and pain. I don't worry like I used to. Sometimes I have a "flair up" where the old anxiety comes back. It takes a moment, but it goes away just as quick as it came. I have never felt so empowered and strong.

-Jen, Saylorsburg

Before I had a session at The Healing Place, I suffered from stomach aches, pressure on my chest, headaches, back pain, shortness of breath and shakiness. After only one session, my symptoms were gone. Deciding to go regularly, once every two weeks for about two months, was all I needed. Now I go back once a month to keep myself on track. To me, there is nothing more important than taking the time to take care of myself. The Healing Place has enabled me to live a better life by allowing me to sleep better, handle stress better and by staying healthy. I highly recommend The Healing Place to anyone who suffers from stress and any type of pain. Go in with an open mind since every person's experience is different. Relax, and enjoy finding your happy place. You will be amazed at how different you feel. Linda is a wonderul person in which I feel so blessed to have met.

-Amy, Hellertown